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Your Fitness Management Solution

GYM 121 Fitness Management provide a variety of services that can benefit your facility. Whether that is for the hospitality industry, residential complex, corporate or health club facilities.

For more specific information about any of our services, please email or call directly and one of our representatives will respond within 24 hours to give you more information on your enquiry.

CLUB 100

Our flagship service CLUB 100 is an exclusive brand that partners with specific hotels across the United Kingdom. Providing a unique private members club within the chosen hotel, our clubs have fantastic facilities and with the cooperation of the hotel staff our members really do receive a five star service. With a maximum of 100 members we guarantee the space and freedom our members deserve while using our clubs.

Personal Trainer Program

We can provide and manage a five star personal trainer to your facility. Providing personal training services to a growing list of hotels, residential and corporate facilities making GYM 121 the fastest growing provider of personal trainers in the United Kingdom. Allow us to provide this service to your guests, residents and employees.

Master Trainer Program

Gym 121 fitness management have created a ‘master trainer’ role which is provided to current health clubs in operation. The master trainer is at the top of their game! Highly experienced, knowledgeable and recruited by us. Our ongoing management of the master trainer will ensure their weeks being full of training sessions whilst using our unique member incentive to provide the clubs with new members. Using our master trainer programme will ensure a consistency throughout the health clubs which will not be unnoticed by members.

Book My Trainer

Specifically tailored for residential towers with a fitness facilities for their residents. Working with 50+ complexes throughout the United Kingdom and with over 70+ registered trainers. We take the hassle away from the management company, providing the residents with a five star personal training service whilst maintaining the equipment ongoing in each complex.

We look to provide one male and one female trainer to each complex allowing the client to choose their specific trainer to suit their needs. 

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